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Cathedral  of St. Jacob & Christopher
Town Hall square

 Monday until Friday   |19:00 |

Sunday |10:30 | and |19:00|

Church of Holy Heart of Jesus

1 October until 30 May

Saturday |18:30|

Sunday |10:00|


1 June until 30 October

Saturday  |19:00|

Sunday  |09:30|

Church Virgin Mary of Karmiloy (Tenedos)

Saturday |19:00|


Cemetery Chappel

Sunday |08:45|

Chapel  of  St. Pio

During summer period the Holy Mass take place each Sunday

Saint Nikolaos

From 1 November until 30 April 

Monday until Friday  |08:30|,

Sunday  |10:00|


From 1 May until 30 October

Monday until Friday |08:30|

Saturday |19:00| Sunday  |10:00| and  |19:00|

Saint Andrea

Every last Sunday of the month, |11:00|,

for more information tel. 2661030773

Church of the Holy Family

Every last Sunday of the month   |17:00| (from October until April)

|18:00| (from May until September)

for more information 2661030773

Church of Saint Mark

During winder period  (after arrangement)

 From 1 June up to 30 October  Sunday |19:00|

For more information 2610275215